Windows 10 IOT + Raspberry PI (1) installation guide

Project Description

     Raspberry can not only install Linux operating system and write programs, while Microsoft also had provided its own operation system in the raspberry camp ---  Windows 10 IoT Core.

      In addition to installing Windows 10 IoT Core, you can also use Visual Studio to write C # programs and deploy them to raspberry. In this series of project, I will introduce you what the Windows 10 IOT system, and what it can be used with Raspberry PI.

       Now, let us start from the very beginning, installation guide.

       The installation of the Windows 10 IoT Core operating system in the Raspberry PI is not difficult, just follow the step by step instruction, you can be done within half hour.

1. Go to the website

and click the Get Get Started with Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard Download the installer.


2.  Click the downloaded installer and install it on your computer. After the installation is complete and finish the execution, the IoT Dashboard program will appear. Please click "Set New Device" in the menu on the left, then set the new device In the screen, select the device type [Raspberry Pi 2 & 3], the OS is by default to select the preset item, and the part of the hard drive, please select the drive where the Raspberry PI Micro SD Card was associated, device name and password, can be provided as per request.


3. Then click on the lower right of the [I accept the software license terms], and press the "download and install", then choose IoT Dashboard program, it will start to download Windows 10 IoT Core operating system files, and burn into Micro SD card.


4. After the burn (into Micro SD card) is complete, place the Micro SD card into the raspberry slot and connect the power supply. Here you go, Windows 10 IoT Core installation is considered complete.


5. Connected the Raspberry PI through HDMI connector, and display the current Raspberry PI screen, it will enter into the Windows 10 IoT Core operating system screen.


6. In Windows 10 IoT Core operating system, you can click the button at the upper right corner, start the hardware settings, including the network, Bluetooth and basic system configuration settings.


7. we have to start writing UWP program, and deployed to the raspberry pie, first of all to confirm the installation of Visual Studio project, whether to install UWP (Universal Windows platform development) feature projects, if not, and need to Feature added and installed.


8. After that, Bingo, it is all done.









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