User guide to submit 3D design TinkerCAD model into Google classroom online

  • 08 February 2018
Project Description

     Google classroom, is one of the best free online classroom tool, which offer the basic features, such as create classroom, assign homework, submit homework, etc.

     In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to export the 3D designed model into STL file, then submit the STL file as homework, and turn into the Google classroom.

      From inside the TinkerCAD account, after finish the 3D design in TinkerCAD, the design should be saved as STL file, then submit to Google classroom online.

Step 1: inside the design, choose the "Export" from the right side menu, give the design a name with the color you choose, for example "david-name", should be changed to "david-name-blue" if you like to print in blue color.


Step 2: choose this file format, click this box, will save the STL file under "Download" directory


Step 3:  go to Downloads directory, upload saved STL file to Google classroom


Step 4: upload to Google classroom (see pictures)



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