Superbowl LII is here, 3D print your favorite team logo

  • 01 February 2018
Project Description

    Superbowl LII is here, no matter you are New England Patriots fan, or Philadephia Eagles fan, or you are just Justin Timberlake fan ( guest entertainment for halftime show), the chance is that you are one of 140 million live TV viewers, with your friends in a party, or stay alone in a cozy home, besides beer, chicken, popcorn, what you can do to show your unique preference.

      Yes, with a 3D printed team logo, it can be any team logo, for example, I am New York Giants fan, I knew that they are sucks this year, but who cares, I still enjoy to show its logo here, but more important, I am tech geek, convert my favor team logo into 3D is the proof of evidence, am I right?

      Let us start to do it.

Step 1: find your dream logo image

     go to Google image search, search for copyright free logo (very important), download it into your local computer. I download one copyright free Eagles logo here to demonstrate how to do it.

Step 2: convert logo image into SVG format file

     go to and upload your logo file when it says “Upload your image you want to convert to SVG:”. Select the “Monochrome” checkbox to help prevent it from getting the mess.Then click on “Convert File”. Your .svg version will be downloaded into your default directory. (most likely the "download directory" under your name)

Step 3: upload SVG format file into TinkerCAD

     TinkerCAD is our favorite free online 3D modelling tool, here I just use it to import my SVG file, and export it into STL file, of course, I can add some personal touch if I like, in this example, I add a small pole for Eagle logo, so it can be printed out into 3D, and plug into my ice cream, yes, it is time to enjoy ice cream in cold winter time.

Step 4: convert the STL file into 3D slice file (GSD file in my case)

     Since I own a Einstart-C 3D printer (very nice full feature and still affordable 3D printer from Shiling Corp), I start its own 3D slicing software "3DStar", and upload the STL file, convert it into the 3D print-ready slicing file GSD format (for my printer, your file format may be different).

Step 5: start your 3D printer, print it out

      Yes, this may be the last step, choose the right color (very important, for multiple color logo, you still have to choose one color filament), of course, for my Eagle logo, I should choose its own color --- green, but I run out of green filament, instead, I have to print it using the blue color ( which prove that I am not the real Eagle fan).

      Bingo, your 3D printed NFL team logo is ready for you to show off at your Superbowl party, if you like, at step 3, you can add some personal touch, such as add your name initial, which means it is your very own design.

      Let us go, it is Superbowl time.


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