STEAM classroom teacher guide (2) How to change host name for Raspberry Pi

  • 30 March 2018
Project Description

     In our Python + IOT class, each student use laptop to remote connect to Raspberry Pi , so it will not require to connect the monitor / keyboard / mouse (which can be quite mess), this method is very convieniant.

     But one of the biggest challenge is from the WIFI connection, since most of the WIFI router has some hard limitation (such as 40, or 50) of maximum devices it can connect simultanously, it will be quite hard for both Raspberry Pi and laptop (sometimes cell phone) to connect to the same router without overload it. In our class case, from time to time, the student complaint that there are inconsistent WIFI connection, sometimes, no connection at all. And without WIFI connection, the remote access Raspberry Pi is impossible.

     There are two useful ID for each Raspberry Pi, one is the host name, another one is the MAC address, the first one is easy to be modified, and the second one is unique.

     Change host name for Raspberry Pi make it more easy to identify the particular RPI, and remote connect to the right RPI for each student in same classroom. Here it is the step by step guide.

Step 1:  before change the hostname (for RPI), Advanced IP Scanner find hostname



Step 2: login RPI (local or remote), go to Preference -> Raspberry Pi configuration



Step 3: change the hostname



Step 4: after change, click "ok", then see popup window, click "yse" to reboot



Step 5: now, you can see the new hostname / IP address when log in



Step 6: when you use Fing (Mobile APP) to search IP address, see new hostname



Step 7: on Windows, using Advanced IP Scanner to find the matching Raspberry Pi (use either or both, hostname and MAC address)



Extrax step:

try to remember your Raspberry Pi’s Mac address, which is unique per device.

Method one: see step 7, remember the MAC address (remember last 4 digits)

Method two: when you log in to Raspberry PI, check it from command line



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