Load / unload Filament of Einstart-C Desktop 3D Printer

  • 08 November 2017
Project Description

Share a video how to load / unload filament of Einstart-C Desktop 3D Printer.

Video is here

1. Unload Filament

  • From touch screen, click unload, the nozzle will heat up until 205
  • You will hear some gear running sound near nozzle area until a reminding sound
  • The top guide pipe need to be unhold by using the black tool to hold the blue ring and pull out.



  • Then pull out filament
  • Cancel unload from touch screen.

2. Load Filament

  • Trim filament end by cutting it and make it straight
  • Touch screen to select "Load" icon
  • Until temperature is ready, you can hear a sound and voice of gear
  • Insert filament end to filament hole (there is a step in the hole, make sure filament goes deep about 1 inch)
  • Light push the filament
  • See filament comes out from nozzle, then cancel load from touch screen.

You can watch all step from above video.


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