Introduce of the hardware for Scratch (1) Picoboard

Project Description

     Scratch is a programming software developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) specifically for entry level programming, and children can use it for scene based programming. There is a great impact on the development of children's mathematical logic and the infiltration of programming thinking.

     Since Scratch is simple but powerful (and it is also open source), it was developed to support on multiple platform (hardware platform), one of the most popular hardware kit is called --- Picoboard, with this full functional hardware kit, it is even more powerful, and the fun is endless.

     Here it is the basic information about Picoboard, and how to make it work.

First,  the main information of the board:

(1) The board contains a sliding sensor, a sound sensor, a key sensor, a light sensor, and four analog input connectors.

(2) communication interface: micro USB interface

(3) master chip: ATmega328

(4) communication chip: FT232


Basic description:

Micro USB interface: Picoboard sensor expansion board and computer connection to interact with the design, debugging interface, Picoboard sensor is also the expansion board power supply interface.

A, B, C, D interface: Picoboard four analog input interface, can be used to connect other sensors.

Sound: Sound sensor for Picoboard sensor expansion board to read changes in external sound intensity.

Light: Sensors for Picoboard Sensors The expansion board senses changes in external light intensity.

Button: digital signal input, enter the digital signal 0 or 1.

Slider: Linear slider resistor, enter the analog signal.

Driver installation

method 1

1. driver download
Scratch official website driver download address

2. Drivee installation
According to the computer system to download the driver file (here download the win7 system driver), download and extract

Plug in the Picoboard sensor expansion board, the device manager will detect the board and show you the driver

Double-click the downloaded file, the following installation process appears

The window closes automatically when the program is installed.

After the driver is installed, Device Manager will display Picoboard's COM interface.

Method 2

1. driver download
FT232 driver files

2. Drive the installation
Use the micro USB cable to connect the Picoboard sensor expansion board to the computer (see win7 32-bit system below)

Right click on the computer - Management - Device Manager, you can see in other devices have been inserted Picoboard sensor expansion board driver is not installed successfully

Right-click on this item to update the driver software

Click the pop-up dialog box, select the browser to find the driver software

The dialog box pops up, click Browse to find the location where you just downloaded the file

Locate the driver file location, select and click OK

The driver file path is selected and click Next

Driver installation is successful, will pop up the following tips, click to close

Now look at the device manager, you can find Picoboard sensor expansion board in the computer com interface, indicating that the driver has been installed, the hardware can be used normally.

In next tutorial, we will introduce how to install Scratch 1.4 and Scratch 2.0, and how to connect Picoboard to Scratch. Stay tune.

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