Build a future city model using 3D modelling and printing

  • 10 January 2018
Project Description

     New York youth innovation club host its end of year party, and one of the highlight point is the display board of the "future city" (with holiday decoration) model.

     In this article, we will briefly demonstrate how to turn the final course project (3D modelling for beginner course) into the contest ready model demo board.

    Future City Contest, one of the most prestige STEAM contest for middle school students, it attracts more than half million of students around the world to participate. Traditional, one of its requirement is to build a card board based display to demonstrate how your future city works. 

    Now, with the help from modern technology like 3D modelling and 3D printing, we can easily redesign all (or most) of our model using 3D modelling, then print all the objects (include buildings, stadium, hospital, recycling center, etc) by 3D printer.

    We have 12 students in 3D modelling class, and each students has its own designed ( carefully coordinate to avoid the redundant) piece, include bank, gas station, apartment building, power station, sky scrapper, hospital, monument, park, etc. 

     The final group project is a great success, the team work makes every individual student rewarded by its own design, at the same time, demonstrate how the 3D modelling and printing can do real project for real contest.

     This is just the first attempt we try in our 3D modelling course, in the future, we will try to encourage the students to apply the 3D modelling technology in their future projects, or even the contests.

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