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World Maker Faire 2017 NY --- World's largest Maker Faire, maker from all over the world

    Maker Faire is the world's largest DIY party, it was organized by Make Magazine. It is a stage to show creativity, innovation and productivity, a celebration of the culture of Maker, and a weekend carnival for family participation. Every year, Maker Faire will host more than 200 meetings of various levels in the world, the three flagships of Flagship Faire in 2017, respectively, in Bay Area, Chicago, New York, and Maker Faire in New York because of its huge size, known as "World Maker Faire".

     Maker Faire's history is not too long, the first Maker Faire was held in San Mateo, California in 2006, when only about 100 mold exhibitors, followed by its flagship event (the exhibition organized by the magazine itself) in the UK, Spain, Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries, in addition to the flagship (Flagship Faire) party, the second level is Featured Maker Faire, basically is the United States, Large-scale regional party, but Make magazine is not a direct sponsor, the third level is Mini Maker Faire, its organizer is a large community party. The China's first Maker Faire, held in Shenzhen at 2014, was this level, the fourth level is School Maker Faire, is basically a school district level, it is the party for the local Maker.

     The World Maker Faire (NY 2016) of 2016 was held at 09/23 and 09/24, its center stage was at Hall Of Science in Queens, New York, it could be the largest ever, with more than 300 individuals or groups Maker, exhibitors are divided into four large exhibition areas, with more than 100 live performances, which are expected to attract more than half a million visitors, each visitor will pay $ 25 to $ 35 for ticket, and this two-day exhibition become super suction machine, but also prove that technology is not necessarily boring, but also can be very attractive and artistic, it combined with sports, medical and other fields together to attract more general public interest, of course, the key lies in creativity.

      At this exhibition, there is a very interesting observation, in addition to the traditional hot spots, such as robots, now a large number of 3D products and applications, besides the traditional parts, small decoration, etc, there are some very creative 3D print product, such as food, medical device, other hot spots also include Internet of things, virtual reality, Drone and so on.

     This year, the main force of the exhibition is the traditional hobbyist and company, represent the makers, and the new product to market, and now more and more institutions and enterprises joined the ranks of Maker, Kickstarter organized  bunches of small starter in the exhibition, under a common brand "Kick Starter", to promote personal and small team creativity, a variety of club types of Maker also brought a lot of creative works, many college MAKER clubs, Including MIT, NYU participated in the show, as well as many outside the United States Maker, such as the Italian MAKER group, and some overseas manufacturers, such as Europe and China manufacturers (including UB Tech education, MakeBlock, etc.) in the exhibition shows its latest products, UB TECH, bringing the upcoming two low-price small programmable robot product. We are pleased to find that Audrino and Raspberry PI attract a large number of fans, in addition to many commercial grade products, there are many small MAKER projects was using Audrino and Raspberry PI, to produce a lot of amazing products.   

     Let's take a brief look at the four sections


Zone 1: Center Stage, mainly used for scientific presentations, lectures and performances, including music, art and wearable products, etc.

Zone 2: mixed with a little bit of 3D print, racing car, electric cars, and Ham Radio (yes, in pre-Internet era, Ham Radio is the dominant force for long distance communication)

Zone 3: Make Electronics, Make Education, Show & Tell, show a lot of MAKER materials, space technology, medical care, of course, there are a variety of creative products, including Raspberry PI and MAKER HEALTH as highlight.

Zone 4: COKE ZERO & MENTOS, the main display of some very innovative and educational-related creative products, of course, more eye-catching Drone Race (Aerial Sports League UAV), the other such as robots, creative works of art but did not cause Too much attention, but the Youth Maker booth is a very worthwhile highlight of the encounter, encounter a lot of high school, junior high school, and even primary school students, show them seem rough but full of creative small works.


Well, it's so much that you can see, lots of the impressive booths and start-ups.


dance code

                                 Dance Code, specially designed for girls to learn to code


fire dragon

                   The hottest spot in Maker Faire is definitely this huge heavy metal fire dragon


jason wu kick start project

                                        High school student Jason Wu and its Kickstarter Project


UB Tech

               UB Tech, the power house of robotics, bring its latest two educational robotics here



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