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Why do we need STEM education? Innovaker = Innovator + Maker

What is STEM education?

      Many people know that the concept of STEM education came from the United States, science (Science), technology (Technology), engineering (Engineering), mathematics (Mathematics), four first letter from four words combined and become this powerful term --- "STEM". So STEM education is to learn these four subjects. It is really so simple. Simple? No really.

     Of course, not so simple, traditional education in each discipline is independent of each other, and STEM education is to promote the knowledge of these four disciplines to integrate, emphasizing the practice and use, on the basis of encouraging students to creative thinking and develop independent solution.

     In this way, STEM education is still very abstract, there is no guidance document? Of course, the National Science Research Council (NSC) has convened a number of disciplines of education and scientists to develop the "K12 Science Education Framework: Practice, Interdisciplinary Concepts and Core Concepts", a framework that clearly illustrates the importance of High school kids expect in the field of science.


Why do we need STEM education?

    As the idiom says, "learn math,  physics and chemistry,  you can travel all over the world without fear", and STEM involved in the field much more than the simple science and engineering. The United States provides full support for the K12 stage of STEM education, which includes policies such as policy, law, organization, research funding, and so on.

    Why do Americans focus so much efforts to STEM education? The answer is simple, it is directly linked with the social-economic development. When there are more employee in the community who are related to STEM, they can promote the economic development of the whole society and further move towards the transformation of the scientific and technological innovation economy, and the employee can take a good career development path. In a long run, this is a win-win situation.

    Why do we need STEM education? The student with STEM education, better prepare for the future needs of science and technology, they are the innovator and the solution to the problem. We call them "Innovator + Maker = Innovaker".


How to open the door of STEM?     

     For students, robotics, open source electronics, 3D modeling education is currently more acceptable in traditional education system, computer programming education model is also belong to the scope of STEM. 

     The future of the creation of the foster education equipment to seamlessly educate students to learn programming, 3D modeling. In the curriculum, focus on the core of the framework of education, entertaining, so that students learn programming, modeling, but also learn subject knowledges, while cultivating their innovative thinking, problem solving, communication and other aspects of the skill set.

      Together, Innovaker make the STEM education easy to access.




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