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What is the impact of 5G on VR education?

    In 2018, some of the telecom carrier, include South Korean, Japan, USA and China will  conduct pre-commercialization operation, which also marks the arrival of the 5G era. PyeongChang Winter Olympic is the first time the large scale of commericial stage demonstration for general public.


    What impact will it have on VR education? Will the original VR technology's speed of operation data be overcome?

    5G network bandwidth has a higher rate and higher bandwidth. 5G data transmission speed will be at least 10 times higher than 4G. For example, downloading a high-definition movie takes only a few seconds, which can meet users' needs for higher network experience such as VR.

     In the future, 5G can implement VR, AR and other technologies widely used in education, medical care, precision instrument overhaul, simulation, design, training, and other fields. VR education applications will also usher in explosive growth.


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