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What degree of education has been developed around the world? Look at this summary!

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics. STEAM education is a science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics in one of the comprehensive education, nowadays off-off education generally STEAM as the mainstream educational philosophy.

Maker education development is the world trend, focus on the future, the world is how to develop foster education? Small tape with everyone around the world turn a turn!

stem education

【United States】

American children from the kindergarten began to use their own wood, building blocks of things to "create". The United States has always attached great importance to STEAM education, but also attaches great importance to the practice of practical ability and student creativity in these two aspects of training.

American STEAM school is divided into elite schools, inclusive schools and vocational and technical schools three categories. They will be pioneering education as a training of scientific and technological innovation and promote education reform as an important part of educational construction.

In addition, the United States community is very supportive of foster education, many large enterprises such as Google, Intel and so on the development of foster education, robot education and other aspects of the provision of financial and technical support. And the United States every year to organize a variety of large-scale activities, encourage people to participate in the creation, designed to create a creative atmosphere.

All in all, the United States is cultivating all students' STEAM literacy. Even former US President Barack Obama has claimed that everyone in the world should learn programming, and this advocacy will continue.

【United Kingdom】

British foster education, is the integration of foster education into basic education. British students from the beginning of the school must learn a number of subjects, they are not only in the classroom to listen to the teacher said, they will go to different museums, communities, businesses to learn.

British students through practical practice to learn the basic concepts, understand the mechanical, architectural and other aspects of the basic knowledge, master the basic method of art design. Through this way of learning can effectively learn a variety of areas of different knowledge.

This year, the British government is a strong support for STEAM education, for the pioneering education, robot education research provides a broad platform for all sectors of the community together, is committed to promoting the whole society to cultivate awareness of creativity.

British Minister of Education has said: the next few years, programming will play a very important role in the field of STEAM education, the main resources and energy to STEAM programming direction tilt is the future development of British entrepreneurs, an important direction.


Canada does not have a unified education system, so it is more difficult to promote foster education mainly through the development of plans. So the Canadians they will STEAM-related knowledge into life-related issues, so that students in solving practical problems while learning about STEAM related knowledge.

Canadian parents will also work with schools to allow children to experience and learn more about the relevant knowledge and skills of STEAM in their daily lives.

Canada's biggest feature of foster education is the integration of adult education into daily life. It is very hot for a student who has been able to train students' STEAM-quality robot education in Canada. For example, a school applied to the Education Bureau in October last year. Please teach a special robot teacher, but only in March next year. But even so, Canada still does not relax the robot education.


apan is carrying out the way of entrepreneurship education is actually the transformation of traditional education. The Ministry of Education of Japan requires all schools to achieve the goal of STEAM through improved traditional education.

The improvement of the school mainly includes modifying the syllabus of the course to enhance the science education, speed up the construction of the teachers of STEAM education, set up the special fund of STEAM elite education, and encourage women to join the STEAM education.

In addition, as far as we know, Japan's robot industry level in the world ahead. Therefore, robot education is also a very important means for the development of Japanese entrepreneurship education.

Japanese students will begin to learn about the contents of the robot when they are in elementary school. Japanese universities will also have a robotics program, and also set up a robot research association to organize various robot games and events on a regular basis to encourage and promote the whole of the robot industry. The development of the position.

Japan's foster education is characterized by the tendency of traditional education innovation and international cooperation, focusing on the students of the robot education, this year is still in this direction.


What is the status quo of China's foster education development? To

With the deepening of China's educational reform, robot education has also developed healthily, although most parents will focus on the robot race to help children learn the road. Robot competition will undoubtedly play a role in promoting the robot project, but we should understand that the robot will be for the students, for teachers, for educational content, for education will have an important impact.

Most people's understanding of the robot classroom stays in the stage of extracurricular interest groups, or participate in various competitions, training and training in robotics education in China for a long time without a real sense of popularity.

With the needs of China's social development, based on life, interest rather than the book is independent of the study, will be more and more important, foster education to meet the needs of this era, more and more education experts recognize: teachers Not only to explain the facts of knowledge to students, explain the concept of knowledge or display the principle, but should stimulate students to create the passion, training students design thinking, prototype production and testing capabilities.

In China, foster education can be said to have just started, but it has entered a stage of rapid development, foster education in China will only pay more and more attention, more and more will play a key role in China's education sector.

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