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What can high schooler get started if like to study artificial intelligence in the future?

      Artificial intelligence has been deep into every aspect of life. Robot dog, robot avatar accompany us, face recognition technology (for Alipay, iPhone X) open brush face payment era, a good future "face expression recognition" technology has greatly enriched the classroom content, JDO Delivery, sorting has been practiced, Robin Li risked his punishment by driving a car on the road, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft have long been in the military to show their talents, artificial intelligence in life has been ubiquitous.

      Artificial intelligence and ultimately the strong support of national policies. In July 2017, the State Council released the "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" to support the development of artificial intelligence, and many colleges and universities also added related fields of artificial intelligence. Like Peking University, Tsinghua University, National People's Congress, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beihang University, etc. are applying for additional undergraduate programs this year.

      Employers demand a lot of talent in the field of artificial intelligence. Enterprises such as Ali, Baidu, Amazon, and Huawei are hiring high-paying professionals such as machine learning and data mining professionals.

      So, in the new form, want to study artificial intelligence, high school students how to plan their own learning?

1. a strong reading ability

     At home and abroad are increasing investment in research in the field of artificial intelligence, new discoveries every day, it is important to keep abreast of the latest information at home and abroad. Therefore, strong reading ability is indispensable. In high school, students should first understand artificial intelligence. Related books can read "Singularity Approaching", "Artificial Intelligence in the future", "Dances with Robots" and so on.

2. the basic aspects of class

    High school needs to do most is to study a solid subject, all subjects stable and outstanding achievements, so that the total score can be high, apply for school and professional ability to have a good choice, in the initial stage to take the first mover advantage, behind the learning Way to become smooth way. Of course, if necessary, you can also race or self-recruit way.

3.  extra-curricular aspects

     Need to pay special attention to the study of mathematics and English, not only limited to textbooks learn to learn more mathematical modeling, training model analysis ability to enhance the basic ability of English communication, pave the way for further study abroad. Moreover, always concerned about and grasp the cutting-edge information dynamic is also essential. The basic research on artificial intelligence and ultimately the use of programming and algorithms, therefore, high school master the basic programming information is essential.



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