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Robotics education and its future in school education

     In the area of robotics or artificial intelligence, two people caught the attention in 2017, one of which is the beautiful robot lady on the screen, her name is Sofia. She was the first robot citizen and Saudi Arabia sent her a passport. Sophia recently had a wish that children want, and hope to give her daughter to name. This is not a pre-set topic, nor is it a pre-set level, after Sophia and human exchanges, to think of human judgment through machine learning. This is an iconic event in the age of artificial intelligence.

     Sophia's brain uses a simple Wi-Fi connection with lots of words, custom made by the Saudi royal family and manufactured by Hong Kong Hansen Robotics. Hansen, co-founder of Hansen, said he hopes Sofia will have its own sense in the coming years. A robot is a measure of a country's science and technology innovation and high-end manufacturing level an important symbol. Sophia triggered the global concern, but also human beings for the field of artificial intelligence and robotics in the future attention.

    There are many different opinions about robotics and artificial intelligence, optimistic and pessimistic. Tesla CEO Musk compares artificial intelligence to nuclear power and atomic bombs are easy to come by, but control of nuclear weapons is still difficult today. Bill Gates is also standing on the Musk side, it is difficult to imagine why some people think artificial intelligence is not enough to fear. In their eyes, artificial intelligence is the dreaded creature that holds the future. Their way of thinking is not the same as that of mankind. Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO is also pessimistic, he believes the future of artificial intelligence era is very scary. There is also a famous physicist Hawking, but also warned human beings of artificial intelligence will bring disaster.

     The most common misconception among the general public about artificial intelligence is that artificial intelligence, like the once used stone, ax, typewriter and mobile phone, is merely an extension of human limbs. But this round of artificial intelligence tide is different from previous technological revolutions. Artificial intelligence will become a substitute for mankind. Even the senior mental work that we think will be safe and worry-free will be in jeopardy. The stocks invested in Wall Street machinery are now far more profitable than the Wall Street human capitalists, making very good money with almost no mistakes.

     Online reports, some time ago a robot and 100 people engage in debate, the results of the robot victory. So it is possible that lawyers who are one of the most profitable and lucrative professions in the United States will be replaced by robots. Ten law firms in the United States hired Ross, the virtual assistant backed by IBM's artificial intelligence system, to look up tens of thousands of historical judgments at the same time and outline the key points to understand the common people's English and give a logical answer. He needed 500 junior lawyers to do the job that he could do in a matter of minutes. Just talked about, a senior lawyer said nothing but he, very terrible. Professor Kaplan at Stanford University made a statistical survey. Among the 720 registered U.S. occupations, 47% will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future. This figure in China will be even greater, and 70% will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Therefore, Chinese today, if you do not get to know robots tomorrow, will find a job to worry about.
     Promote the Robotics education in middle school & high school become one of the important agenda, more and more school across the nation start to pay more attention to it, it will be good start point to lead our future generation to compete at global talent market, inspire innovation and keep the competition advantage for long run.


(content abstract from online report)


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