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New technology and new modes of education are nowadays wise education

    With the infiltration of the Internet in all fields of education and training, innovative technologies such as big data, robotics and AI are also gradually influencing the industry and the transformation of the industry from the system outward to the system. Analysis of the industry, the Internet age, innovative technology will not only redesign the school, will also restructure the future of education.

     Online vocational education on the raise

    "To register with Suntech Training Center, the receptionist will give you a two-dimensional code, scan code follow the prompts to download APP, you can complete the course, online class, very convenient." Xiao Wen just attended the work told reporters he wanted to use amateur Time apply for undergraduate diploma, so enrollment Suntech this academic education institutions.

     This online platform based on-line education is on the rise, breaking the traditional face-to-face teaching mode, allowing learning to use fragmented time anytime anywhere to complete.

     As the earliest online education in the industry, Chongsheng Vision Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CC Video") recently won 208 million yuan of C-round financing. CCTV CEO Dong Shiyong said that at present, CC video has accounted for 70% of the education market share, this round of financing will be the full layout of the vertical industry background video cloud ecosystem.

     "CC video to solve online education business broadcast delay (delay can be controlled within 1 second), complete restoration of PPT animation content, support million online interaction and other issues on the online education to create a scene including online chat, Q & A A series of tools to enhance interaction. "Dong Shiyong to the" China Enterprise News "revealed that at present, the industry Huatu education, New Oriental, Danone, Suntech and even Tsinghua University and other educational institutions have enabled CC video support their online education platform.

    In order to actively meet the development trend of the times, as the only new third-board listed enterprise focusing on vocational education and information cloud services in the nation, Uniqlo constantly learned new ideas of "Internet plus vocational education", set up a Wechat for vocational education based on the WeChat service number Cloud campus and other mobile information systems to help schools solve the unified management of foreign admissions and publicity, student class form inquiries, standard data center construction and other needs of the domestic vocational education information process and the establishment of a new teaching model of vocational colleges played an important role in promoting .

     However, embarrassingly, despite the continuous upgrading of third-party service platform technology breakthrough, but due to the concept of information technology vocational schools are relatively backward, as well as the use of information technology, products, platforms and other concerns, coupled with capital investment , System restrictions and other issues, the construction of vocational education information is still in the preliminary exploration stage, mainly to the following lines, online recording or live still supplemented by many vocational training institutions in the normal mode.

     "We are still mainly offline training, online part and third parties to develop some audio and video classes." Beijing Guo Pei Innovation Education Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager of the new financial sector to the "China Enterprise News" reporter Revealed that many of the current offline training institutions are so, he believes that this is mainly with the business positioning, capital investment and the existing personnel structure.

     "The transformation of educational values is still a major challenge." Zhang Zhiyong, director of the Central Education Commission of China's Democratic Progressive People's Government, said that at present many online education enterprises are still using the Internet technology to take the exam-oriented education to the limit. For example, using Internet technology to help students solve problems, Improve scores, back words, etc., and foreign countries have been targeting the wind for the Internet era to redesign schools to rebuild education.

     Industry experts believe that the current coverage of the field of vocational education is still relatively fragmented, isolated, which also means that "Internet + Vocational Education" huge market gap. With the development of the Internet and the improvement of the information platform, vocational schools should be gradually transformed from "running schools" to "running platforms", that is, schools are not only a platform for student development but also a platform for teachers' professional development.


     Artificial intelligence + education is the trend in future

    "Internet + Education", so that teachers and students from the online separation into online interactive combination of Q & A experience to be achieved, in the K12 basic education gradually popular.

     Every Tuesday afternoons, children in Fengqi Elementary School in Ji'nan City are particularly excited because a teacher who is a teacher thousands of miles away will appear on the projector screen at 2:00 on time, bringing them a special English Lesson - Online Oral English Lessons.

     As the provider of this course, Zhu Chunna, chairman and chief executive officer of Beijing Lexue Education & Technology Co., Ltd., briefed the reporters of "China Enterprise Newspaper" that the company's micro-linguistic brands are specially designed for public schools and educational institutions in 234 cities nationwide Provide online foreign teaching oral teaching, based on the SaaS model, for cooperative schools to build an exclusive online teaching oral teaching platform.

      Another is dedicated to providing comprehensive information solutions for primary and secondary schools wisdom education service platform - Cloud School (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Ding Xuan, vice president of "China Enterprise News" Reporters introduced cloud-based cloud platform and large Data technology, to help primary and secondary schools to improve teaching and management level at the same time, based on classroom O2O to explore the personalized teaching model. At present, it has been purchased by many primary and secondary institutions in Zhejiang, Guizhou, Sichuan, Gansu, Tibet, Hebei, Shanxi and Heilongjiang provinces.

      As a leading learning platform for DIY robot construction and STEAM education (referring to comprehensive education integrating science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), Wang Jianjun, founder and CEO of Shenzhen Chuangke Workshop Technology Co., "Reporter introduction, STEAM education is through the way of learning to cultivate students' comprehensive qualities," students in the construction of high-tech electronic products, not only need to use science and technology, high-tech means to innovate product features, but also need to design look good The appearance, which is equal to also developed their art and other aspects of the comprehensive ability. "Wang Jianjun also revealed that.

     In the early childhood education market, more advanced scientific devices such as robots and artificial intelligence are rapidly penetrating the preschool market to assist preschool teachers in teaching. According to the insiders, the emergence of "artificial intelligence + preschool education" can effectively compensate for the imbalance of teaching staff and the big gap in teaching quality caused by the differences in location among the first- and second-tier cities in China.

      As the first high-tech enterprise specializing in integrated preschool education solutions in artificial intelligence scenes in China, Chairman of Beijing Aibin Guo Technology Co., Ltd. and Dr. Min Haibo, an expert in artificial intelligence of Tsinghua University, briefed the reporters of China Enterprise News. The bingo robot Has been able to simulate the teacher to do interactive teaching, in addition to the robot with dynamic, interactive and intelligent features, but also by children like it. "Up till now, our system has been extended to 28 provinces and cities nationwide and has successfully landed in more than 600 kindergartens and there are over 200 kindergartens under negotiation." Min Haibo said.

     Industry experts believe that "Internet + Education" is the Internet, mobile Internet and education depth integration. However, "Internet + Education" will by no means replace the existing education in all fields. The mutual influence and promotion of people's thinking, emotion and personalized life in current education can not be replaced by video education and artificial intelligence.


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