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New Jersey Avinci Tech Club Course and Projects on GITHUB

     New Jersey Avinci Tech Club has initialed club since late Sep 2017, and the first course is "Python for beginner", we are group of six (initially seven) students, on the other hand, we have total three teachers, so the teacher to students ratio is about 1 : 3, teachers take great efforts to teach, and students really work hard on the course and project. 

     Our club meeting time is 10:45 am to 12 on every Saturday, and last week, we have our first online lesson on Google hangouts due to snow. The students seems to be fine with online course as well.

      After couple of weeks, we decided to put our club course practice and projects on GITHUB, so the students can make commitment on a well recognized platform, and further inspire their interesting.

     Our lesson can be found at

     and our course projects can be found at

     At New Jersey Avinci Tech Club, we are group of parents in IT fields, and commit to create the advanced learning environment for kids to start to learn and spark in the future.



course was taught by Ben, Sarah, and Yan, appreciate for all the great efforts our teachers made, your commitment make some really good thing happen.

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