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Innovaker provided curriculum to support middle school in Michigan for 3D printing class

      December 5, 2017, Michigan Youth Empowerment Foundation (mYe)’s Founder and Executive Director, Grace Cai along with mYe’s 3D Printing Instructor, Logan Dewan brought Shining 3D’s latest educational 3D printer – Einstart-C and Innovaker’s “3D Printing with TinkerCAD” Curriculum to Bloomfield Hills Middle School (BHMS) to help them to set up their first 3D printing lab.

      BHMS Principal Mr. English and Associate Principal Mr. Fitzgerald  thanked mYe and mYe’s education partners Shining 3D and Innovaker for the great opportunity provided to the BHMS students which will get them connected to the frontier of the industry 4.0.

     In early 2018, mYe will team up with Innovaker to provide further training to BHMS’s staff to help them plan and implement the 3D Printing technology as part of their curriculum at BHMS.



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