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The difference between STEAM education and maker education

    Originally developed from the United States, and launched as a new concept of education, "STEAM education" has not been really popular, but at the same time, the "public entrepreneurship, all innovation" push the "maker education" become the hot potato,  and quickly promoted into the primary and secondary schools.

    Many teachers have confused by the difference between "STEAM education" and "maker education". So what is the real difference? Which educational philosophy is better? This article try to give one answer, but to clarify the difference between the two does not mean that the separation, we should think about how to link the two educational ideas to be one big unit.


What is the difference and relevance of STEAM education and maker education?

STEAM education is the teaching of combining the five disciplines --- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. Maker education is to promote the development of their own ideas, through the hardware and software, and it will be implemented by specific items, such as 3D model and then 3D printing, the use of Arduino programming to produce electronic objects. Those two terms can be clearly differentiated, STEAM education is more emphasis on interdisciplinary "knowledge integration", and the focus of innovation is to create ideas "practice to create.", which is the maker education.

Both are inherently highly similar to some common areas --- creative activities require STEAM education to provide a theoretical basis of knowledge, such as 3D modeling of buildings, need to understand the corresponding engineering, mathematical calculation of size, art to improve the model of beauty. The pursuit of practice is the ultimate goal of STEAM education, and that the knowledge system can help the maker to create a prototype, and even become a commercial product, connecting education and business


How to link the two educational ideas, play the role of 1 +1> 2

Let us demonstrate the process from how to repair a spider parts, for example, solve the problem is to learn STEAM related disciplines and 3D design --- 3D printing, is to solve the problem in real life.

First of all, to understand the mechanical raw materials of the machine spider movement, to clarify the role of footsteps.


then, the mathematical calculation of the size of the parts, which involves the process of solving the arc radius is the application of mathematical knowledge to solve practical problems in the process.


Finally, according to the size of the 3D modeling design software to design the 3D model and finish the 3D printing, and assembly.



     More information will be presented in late blog. Stay tune.



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