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80% of people think 3D printing is over-sought, but the truth is?

    Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, medical technology, the future of science and technology will continue to bring historical innovation. The 3D printing technology as a new industry is also rising. In fact, 3D printing has entered a lot of fields at present.
    For most average people, they've just heard about 3D printing, a novelty and sophistication of technology that seems to feel far away from us or feel a real experience. Even many people think that 3D printing is overly sought with lots of imagination.
     But in fact, 3D printing has been unknowingly applied to all aspect of life, in all fields.
     As the next big trend of the 3D printing industry, where is its future application? Let us go over what we found now.

     3D printing in medical field
    We saw the 3D printed vascular model for the newly developed medical devices on-site demonstration.

    In fact, the application of 3D printing technology in medical treatment is now very common, either in medical research or in practical application. News about 3D printing technology and medical technology are also common.
     When we do not know, 3D printing has been heavily used in medical technology, such as 3D printing dentures, ears, skulls and so on, all have successful precedents and benefited some people. As technology continues to mature, it's only a matter of time before these people become popular.

    The development and achievement transformation of these 3D printing technologies in the field of biomedicine realizes more accurate and customized medical services and treatments, effectively alleviating the suffering of patients, reducing the treatment procedures and improving the cure rate.
    Such as the future application of 3D implants for dental implants, implant bionic teeth can be well realized, that is, to effectively push the plug that is, and can accurately fit each of the alveolar, reduce the planting steps to reduce patient pain and reduce costs effectively.

     3D used in industrial manufacturing
     The application of 3D printing in industrial manufacturing is also an increasingly common phenomenon and future trends. Aerospace, construction, weaving, jewelery and so on, are replacing some of the traditional manufacturing industries with 3D printing, a revolution in new industrial manufacturing.
     The C919 civil aviation uses lot of 3D printing components, Dubai plans to put into use the 3D printing office building, Adidas launched 3D printing sneakers, to aerospace, down to home small objects are not difficult to see 3D printing Shadow.

     3D printing in the use of these industrial manufacturing, it is in line with the current and future consumer market, the embodiment of fast consumer demand. 3D printing in which to join, effectively reduce manufacturing deadlines, reduce manufacturing costs and environmental protection, I believe the future in a short time to achieve a lot of differences in individual customized services will not be a problem.
     For example, the jewelery process, which is now often used to replace traditional carving wax with 3D-printed or lost-wax resin, is now investment casting, shortening the manufacturing process and increasing the efficiency of jewelery manufacturing.

    3D used in teaching and learning
    Maker education is also gaining prominence in the teaching of schools, and it is something we are now working on.
    In our contact with teachers, we learned that the application and innovation of 3D printing in teaching have indeed effectively enhanced the students' initiative and enthusiasm in learning and enhanced their understanding of the theoretical knowledge through the three-dimensional representation of the image As well as the establishment of graphical thinking. Effectively develop children's creativity and imagination.

    The transformation that 3D printing brings to education is conducive to the implementation of quality education. At the same time, it solves the previous cramming teaching so that children can understand and use knowledge.

     In addition, 3D printing in animation, movie scenes, the effects of the use of more common. Realistic scene effects, while convenient for fast and low-cost scenes to build.

     The future, 3D printing will also be applied to more areas, more research and practical applications. Maybe many people do not really understand 3D printing, and many are confused about the future of 3D printing.
     However, it is undeniable that, 3D printing combined with various applications have gradually benefit our lives. After all, technology is also in the hands of people, how to effectively use it effectively, and use it to create a more convenient and beautiful life, but also because of everyone's efforts in the industry.

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