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2018 Top Ten Trends in Education Technology

     Looking forward to 2018, in the field of education technology, what are the technical trends worth looking forward to? Let us listening to some answers from top college professors.    

     2018 Top Ten Trends in Education Technology

1. Education-related information-related businesses will sell hardware and products, sales services.

The research, development and practice of educational technology and educational informatization will increasingly move toward "user-centered" and "teaching-centered" rather than "technology-centric." Education information-related businesses will sell hardware and products, sales services.

This trend is more apparent in the maker-related industries. In 2018, Maker-related businesses that have real potential and market opportunities are no longer those that sell only hardware and create a guest-per-guest space, but those that have a systematic curriculum and teaching support services.

2. Learning space much attention. As an emerging learning space, the library will no longer be a quiet place, but will gradually become the "library" into a space for student collaboration, "seminar room" and the digital world interface.

3. Based on formative assessment and student learning and teaching behavior related data applications will be more popular in education, those who can easily collect data, real-time data analysis, adaptive, big data and learning analytics and to help teachers, schools and The system and application of students' scientific decision-making will gradually become the dominant force in 2018.

4. Top-down "one division one excellent class" and bottom-up "micro class" entered the plateau, the growth rate slowed down.

5. User-generated content (including video content and content generated by live streaming) continues to grow rapidly in education and competition for video-based learning and teaching applications will be further exacerbated.

6. AR / VR / MR began to enter the practical application of the school, immersive learning environment will bring students a more wonderful learning experience.

7. Based on serious game learning (gamification learning) research to become a fast growing point. Whether in the number of research or in the platform, applications, and related curriculum development and teaching practice innovation, there will be more and better cases emerge.

8. The increasing use of technology in teaching and learning has led to learning and research in rich technology environments, tablet-based one-to-one digital learning, curriculum consolidation, and problem-based learning (PBL), as well as STEAM Education will rapidly develop in the field of basic education in the world.

9. Rapid development of hybrid learning practices based on next-generation learning management system. Blended learning curricula, platforms for adapting to blended learning needs, training and research on blended teaching strategies, and mixed learning innovations based on Open Education Resources (OER) such as Mourography will be part of a package that includes basic education, higher education and vocational education The field of important topics and hot topics.

10. The last one to your readers bold prediction, welcome message

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