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2018 New York Youth Coding and Innovation Club expand its courses to four Innovaker courses

    New York Youth Coding and Innovation Club, which was supported by New York Youth Innovation Lab, directed by David Peng, a long time education enthusiast and youth STEAM education expert. After its success fall 2017 course (three Innovaker courses, include Python for the beginner, Scratch, 3D design with TinkerCAD), now, it started to expand its courses to four courses (possible to be five).

    Besides the repeat fall 2017 course of Python for beginner and 3D design, it adds two more hardware based, and project lead course.

    One is Scratch Robotics, it will bring the low cost and feature riched mBot into the classroom, combine with the powerful Scratch like GUI programming tool, make the robotics programming and practicing more affordable and enjoyable.

     Another one is Python + IOT, it will combine the powerful Raspberry Pi 3, with the Innovaker Digital Circuits Kits, supported by Python, it is one of the beginner level class to introduce the electric circuit, and basic "Internet Of Things" concept to our students. 

     With the extended connection to our local long island community, this semester, our course will be hosted at a formal classroom. And our teacher roast has been increased from two teachers into three teachers, plus two teacher assistant, it will be a much strong team to move forward.

     At New York Youth Coding and Innovation Club, we are community-based STEAM education organization for our local family, we will work hard to bring more cutting edge STEAM course and project, organize and participate more STEAM contest in the future.

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