3D printer maintenance tips

  • 05 December 2017
Project Description

     Although the smaller home use 3D printer become the more and more popular choice for lots of family, but it still considered as one of the luxury equipment, especially compare to the 2D printer (couple of hundreds of bucks vs. lower than one more bucks), so maintenance is important for both longivity and smooth operation.

     As the expert of the 3D printer and 3D modeling, Dr Li give us some 3D printer maintenance tips, hopefully, it can be very helpful for the beginner.

1. periodically oil the rods (include X, Y, Z rods), usually, do it once a month, or at most one per two month.

2. regularly tighten the nuts and bolts, monthly check list is a good start point.

3. check and test the belt tension, good tip is do it right after you see the printing object has certain issue.

4. test the filament tension, either too tight or too loose is not good. If too loose, you are not really getting the best extrusion possible.

5. floss extruder gear, some items, like tooth pick can be used to pop the plastic bits out of the gear's teeth.

6. keep software updated, since the 3D software is improved over the time, update will keep the latest and best possible performance for printer.

7. keep fireware updated, for same reason, fireware is the core for lots of printer.

8. replace and repair, the parts can be broken or even miss, so keep track of the parts, and make sure it works properly.

9. warp the print platform (or call work plate) using blue or green paint tape, it will prevent the surface to be scratched too much.

10. keep the filament in the cool and dray area, since the sharp of plastic can be changed if not maintain properly.

12. regularly check the wire connection, make sure it has no jam or loose.

13. clean the nozzle regularly, make sure no clog.

     That is pretty much what Dr Li recommended for 3D printer maintenance, enjoy the new world.

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